Kendra Suranga

Awakening of Kaleed

Kaleed wakes up and hears faint barking from above the water. A small lizard swims up to him and perches on his shoulder, sniffing his neck and head underwater.

He surfaces, climbs up out of the cave and there is a strange monkey-humanoid with a long snout, barking furiously at a woman, Hayase who is reading under a tree. The monkey is standing on a boulder and Hayase calmly states that he is sealed to the rock by magic so Kaleed needn’t worry.

“Congratulations Samadra, have you received your name yet from the Elder?” She asked him.

He then realized that he indeed had forgotten his name and shook his head. She closed her book and offered to lead him up to the Temple. Following her he saw Bakti and Jiung picking rice and Bakti called out to him “Samadra can we play?”

Hayase told her they would be just a moment, for they had yet to see the Elder and Bakti nodded. Kaleed promised to play after they were done.

He went inside the Temple and met Farooq, Elumalai and [{Abheek]]. Elumalai had faint shadows under his eyes but he calmly stutteringly gave Kaleed his name, “Kaleed”, which means “Immortal”. This was not the first time he received that name.

Elumalai instructed Kaleed to meet everybody on the island before that night’s Gamelan so he could become familiar with the monks with whom he would spend his next six years of life.

Kaleed nodded and headed out, aiming first to fulfill his promise and play with Bakti.



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